We are an independent, Christian church in Dalhart, TX established 1904.


God has done so many awesome things at First Christian Church over the years.

Late in 1903, Brother H.W. Bundy, a Christian Church evangelist, held a revival in Dahart, TX with the idea of establishing a local congregation. In the spring of 1904 Brother Robert W. Lilly moved to Dalhart for health reasons. He and seven others met in the Swearingen and Johnson Grocery Store that spring to discuss forming a congregation. Present were Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Joe Murphy, H.C. Coleman, Miss virginia Denton, W.H. Denton, Clarence Denton, and Brother Robert W. Lilly. After ona and a half hours the church had been established, with Robert W. Lilly as preacher. 

The first Sunday meeting of the church was held in the old Dalhart School House located at Sixth and Conlen. Later, the Methodist Church loaned their building one Sunday per month for about two years, until First Christian could build their own building. 

In the winter of 1905, construction on the first church building located at the southwest corner of Sixth Street and Denver Avenue was started. This building was completed in July of 1906 and attendance grew to over 100. By 1924, Homeer Wise and Lee Nelson oversaw the construction of a balcony as the church continued to grow. 

The first parsonage was purchased in 1909, next to the church building for Brother Holmes. In the early 1920's the financial condition of the congregation because strained and the parsonage was sold. In 1929, the church recovered financially and bought a lot at  905 Oak, to begin the construction of a new parsonage. Brother W.D. Darnall occupied this in the spring of 1930.

Upon the death of H.C. Coleman in 1936, the Coleman Trust Fund came into being, whereby the congregation was endowed with certain downtown properties. 

This is where the current chapter at First Christian Church began.

Current happenings